How much does a mentorship cost?

€1200 – Book your spot now and get €200 off for the launch sale.


Do you take payment plans?

No, not directly. But they can be facilitated through payment processors. You can use Revolut Pay Later or Klarna to make payment installments. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Is tuition refundable?

No. Due to the nature of our small class size, our mentors depend on the students’ commitment in order to run the mentorship program successfully.


How long does a mentorship last?

8 weeks


Are the mentorship classes a lot of work?

Yes. There is an expected dedication of 8 weeks to devote to building and improving your skills. While our experienced instructors and mentors are there to guide you, the expectation is that you will be working throughout the week to complete your assignments and apply the feedback to get the most of the mentorship.


Are the classes recorded?

No. The mentorship classes are live, online, and intended to be hands-on, interactive, and personalised for your own artistic growth.


What timezone are the classes?

The classes are scheduled for Ireland & UK timezone (UTC+1).


Are these workshops for beginners?


While there are no portfolio requirements for taking the mentorship and we work with artist of all levels, you may get more out of the mentorship if you've had at least a few beginner art lessons in the past and are familiar with your medium of choice. If you're not sure, feel free to contact us.


Do I have to submit a portfolio to be accepted?

No. You don't have to be approved, but if you're concerned at all, contact us for advice.


Do I have to be a digital artist?

No. We can mentor traditional artists as well. Our mentors have traditional art backgrounds.


Can I work with digital applications?

Yes. While these mentorship classes are not geared to teaching any applications like Photoshop or Krita, you are more than welcome to use whatever tools you wish to create art. These mentorships are about developing your illustration skills in whatever way you enjoy creating them.


What app is used for the online video call?

We use Zoom.


What languages are the courses taught in?

We teach the courses in English.